Terms of the hire (dd 01/04/2019)


1. As the renter (the person who rents the equipment), I will fully compensate Chocolique for any damage to or loss off the chocolate fountain or accessories.


2. As the renter I am responsible for the chocolate fountain(s)  together with all other hired accessories for the period of hire.


3. The hire starts from the drop off (by the courier) and ends at the time of collection of the fountain.


4. Upon delivery and before using the fountain, I declare to inspect the equipment and the accessories and report any damage immediately by calling the owner at 0403686414


5. I agree that the chocolate fountain is only to be used strictly in accordance with the provided instructional booklet. The instructional booklet will be provided with the fountain. In case this booklet would be missing I will immediately contact Chocolique.


7. I acknowledge that the chocolate fountain equipment and accessories are specialized in nature and must be used in accordance with instructions.


8. I take full responsibly for any personal injury or material damage occurring due to the use of the hired equipment.


9. I acknowledge that this hire is for a maximum of 24 hours only. I will have all equipment available for collection by Chocolique within 24 hours after the hire.


10 The role of the assistant staff member of Chocolique at the assisted hires is limited to ensuring that the chocolate fountain and fountain display remain well presented and clean.  The role of the assistant is not to supervise the guests at the event.  When minors are present, the organizer of the event must ensure sufficient supervision around the chocolate fountain at any time.